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Lithium based storage, the way it should be.

Due to lowering costs of implementing this new technology, the Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. Industry continues to grow. Lynx Battery identified the long term money savings that lithium batteries can bring to the RV, Marine, Golf Cart and Solar Energy markets as well as other areas where tradition batteries are needed. Largely dominated by lead cell batteries in the past Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are now the most cost effective solution with the least amount of effort to deploy. 

Once the decision is made to update your energy storage system look no further than Lynx Battery.

RV & Overland

If you're operating your Pop-up, RV or Overland vehicle off grid, losing power is the worst. Having power for your lights, fans and electrical components gives you a feeling of security. 

Lynx Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries will supply 4 times the power per pound of battery, charge more efficiently with your solar cells and last over 5 times longer, with no maintenance.  On top of that, they will save you money.

Have this read from Forbes on why lead cells will be a thing of the past: Click Here

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Solar & Off-grid Power

Demand is growing for home and commercial based electrical storage systems that will stand alone, off grid.  This demand is fueled by several emerging factors:

- Lowering costs of Photo-Voltaic Cells (Solar Panels) and installation

- The increase of rolling blackouts and power grid failures

- Solar and carbon tax credits

- Net-Metering or selling your power to the grid

- Increasing environmental concerns

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