12S 36V 150Ah Battery Management System BMS LiFePO4

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Daly 12S 36V 150Ah for LiFePO4 batteries are engineered to deliver superior performance. excellent compatibility, control with precision, and untethered protection that ensure your power sources stay in perfect condition and make sure they perform to the fullest.

Daly 12S Protection Boards are widely used in various types of lithium power batteries for their efficient power balancing, over-discharge, over current, and short circuit protection. Our Battery Management System 36V is compatible with locomotion applications i.e.; boats, recreational vehicles, golf carts, low-speed electric cars, electric bicycles, etc. Other industries include wind energy storage systems, home energy storage systems, UPS backup power, communication base station power, emergency equipment, solar street lights, and DIY batteries, etc.

BMS Specification

Power Balancing:

  • Power balancing 2.65V 
  • Balance release volt 2.65V 
  • Balance current 40±5mA 

Over discharge protection:

  • Over discharge detect volt 2.8±0.05V 
  • Over discharge detect  delay 0.5V 
  • Over discharge volt release 3.0±0.05V 

Over current protection: 

  • Over current detect volt 150mV 
  • Over current detect delay 9MS 
  • Over current protection Can be customized 

Short circuit protection:

  • Short circuit protection; External load short circuit
  • Short circuit detect delay 250uS 
  • Short circuit detect release; Disconnect load 

Resistance: Main circuit resistor ≤10mΩ

Self-consumption: Working current ≤100uA 

Sleepy current:  (When over-discharged) ≤20uA 

Working temp: Temp range -20/+80ºC

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